Gascoyne region

The stunning Gascoyne region is situated approximately 900 km north of Perth in Western Australia.  Abundant with seafood, beef, sheep, goat and a vast array of temperate and sub-tropical fruit and vegetables, it’s where people interact with nature to yield high quality food and it’s also where I live. I am privileged to have the […]

Mount Augustus

When I started working on painting number two in my Mount Augustus series I honestly thought that I would have it nailed in a week.  I need to paint faster I thought. Well it’s a week on and each day I walk into my studio, take a seat and look at this little painting perched […]


The last lick of oil paint is on and this one is finished. Being immersed in a rich colour palette of the Australian desert has been mesmerising.  This is the beginning of a new series of work inspired by the ancient landscape of Mount Augustus in the remote outback of Western Australia. When I finish […]

Remote Mount Augustus is twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and a 460km mostly dirt road drive into the outback from my Carnarvon studio.  Riding in a chopper with no doors up and over the top of the rock gave me an unobstructed birds-eye view of the enormity of its rugged form.  I have […]

Loving the freedom of exploring new ideas and a colour palette inspired by my time in Kalbarri. Banksia flowers are in bloom bringing a vibrant pop of orange to the Kalbarri landscape. It’s such a joyous flower. I’m not exactly sure where this play with colour will take me but that’s the exciting part of […]

Time spent connecting with nature is the lifeblood for my art.  A massive backyard becomes my extended studio.  Like an excited curious child I get in and amongst it with an instinctive urge to be tactile and explore. Immersed in colour and texture I lose all sense of time.  If  my art gives you this […]

Ink on paper Artist Sue Helmot

For me painting with ink on rice paper is super relaxing.  Balancing between chilling out to let it happen organically and being mindful of what I want to achieve seems to work for me.  This little guy titled Mulga Scrub has become my logo.  Ink flows over the paper creating beautiful translucent washes of blue […]

I’m an artist based in the small coastal town of Carnarvon in the north of Western Australia and this, my first post, is to let you know a little about what I do and why I am here. Adventures to stunning remote locations on the surrounding coast and desert are the main source of inspiration […]