The last lick of oil paint is on and this one is finished. Being immersed in a rich colour palette of the Australian desert has been mesmerising.  This is the beginning of a new series of work inspired by the ancient landscape of Mount Augustus in the remote outback of Western Australia.

When I finish a painting I like to take time to sit and absorb it instead of rushing on to something else.  It’s like reading the last page of a great book and you want to stay in that story awhile before starting another one.  It’s important for me to reflect on past work and so this one hangs in prime position in my studio so that I can continue to look at it and feel its energy while the paint dries.  Each piece of work that I make informs the next one.  The essence of one piece transcends into future works as the journey continues.

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30 x 30 cm oil painting on canvas by Australian artist Sue Helmot

Time to ponder on a name for this painting inspired by an unusual rock formation that I stumbled upon while exploring Mt Augustus. A friend of mine wisely said that it will be interesting to see what others see within the heart and soul of the painting.  This painting will be available through my online art gallery soon.  For all enquiries please get in touch through the contacts page of my website or message me on Facebook (suehelmotart).  I’d love to hear from you.