Mt Augustus

New painting – the beginning Sue Helmot Artist

It’s exciting to start a new painting inspired by a road trip to Mount Augustus in Western Australia for last year’s Long Table Dinner. Twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock), Mount Augustus is reputedly the largest monolith in the world.

After spending quite some time mixing the colours for my palette I start with a light wash of paint  to map out the bones of the painting on the canvas. This first layer of paint will eventually be covered with many other layers of colour as I start to build up the painting.  I wear these ugly purple gloves to protect my skin from the oil paint. So why do I always seem to end up with it all over my face! This pair won’t stay clean for long.

This painting is part of a body of work that I am making as Artist in Residence for the Gascoyne Food Council. The Great Outback Long Table Dinner will be held  at Mount Augustus as part of the Gascoyne Food Festival on 8 September 2018.  For more information contact Mount Augustus Tourist Park

New paintings including this one will be uploaded to my website gallery as they are finished.  All artworks will be available for purchase.

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