When I started working on painting number two in my Mount Augustus series I honestly thought that I would have it nailed in a week.  I need to paint faster I thought. Well it’s a week on and each day I walk into my studio, take a seat and look at this little painting perched on the easel like it owns it.  After a few minutes I settle in and stop looking at the painting and start looking into it. That’s when I start to see something that shouldn’t be in the painting or something that’s missing that the painting needs. I pick up my brush and another day begins. Each time I paint another layer of colour onto the canvas or rub colour back, I feel like I’m getting closer.  I’m still going. It’s a long journey and a test of fortitude. Much like the climb to the summit of Mount Augustus itself.  This photo is a close up of a cropped section of detail in the painting. A work in progress.