Gascoyne region

The stunning Gascoyne region is situated approximately 900 km north of Perth in Western Australia.  Abundant with seafood, beef, sheep, goat and a vast array of temperate and sub-tropical fruit and vegetables, it’s where people interact with nature to yield high quality food and it’s also where I live.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to be the Artist in Residence for the Gascoyne Food Council, a producer driven group who is passionate about promoting food generated from the Gascoyne region. Over the coming months I will be exploring farms, pastoral stations, and fishing harbours, gathering ideas and recording impressions of food production and landscapes by making loads of sketches and quick colour studies.  These will develop into a series of  paintings which will be exhibited.  Painting is a visual language and through my art I aim to share an aspect of the  Gascoyne which hasn’t previously been captured on this scale through the eyes of an artist.