Artist Sue Helmot, is a contemporary landscape painter in  the Gascoyne region of Western Australia’s North. An insatiable curiosity and fascination with land systems is the main source of inspiration for her work.  Living and working within the landscape itself, she is constantly witnessing and absorbing the ever-changing light, colours, textures and patterns that emerge.

“To be alone with my paints on land recognised as the oldest piece of the earth’s crust is exhilarating. The more time that I spend observing, the more the landscape reveals about itself.”

Sue Helmot’s practice balances field trips with studio work.  Her impressionistic works are made in-situ and from memory. Through expressive palette knife, thinly veiled brushwork, layers of oils wet over dry, new over aged, exploring endless possibilities with colour and texture as her artistic language continues to evolve.  

She describes her works as intended to create a nuance of sensations and feelings with an air of mystery. Drawing the viewer into the experience where they are invited to have their own conversation. 

Devoted to expanding on her comprehensive body of work, Sue Helmot continues to traverse landscapes in the North West. Exploring new environments and ideas for future works. 

Sue Helmot has had two solo shows and participates regularly in group exhibitions throughout Western Australia. She was invited to undertake two consecutive residencies with the Gascoyne Food Council.  Sue Helmot holds a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria College of the Arts. She featured in Ripe Magazine and ABC National Rural News. Her work has been acquired by private and public collectors in Europe and Australia.

  • Sue Helmot Artist painting in the rangelands of the Gascoyne region of Western Australia where she is based