Sue Helmot is a contemporary artist trained in Melbourne.  Over a decade ago the lure of adventure pulled Sue from Melbourne’s art scene and into the remote landscape of the Gascoyne  region which she now calls her studio and home. A shift from city living to a pared back lifestyle allowed Sue to focus on her painting, establishing her art practice which she has successfully sustained on a full time basis.

Predominately working in oils, Sue immerses herself in the natural and cultivated landscapes of the Gascoyne which inspire her paintings. Sue Helmot’s current body of work which explores the theme of food in the landscape was exhibited in her second solo show ‘Frontier of Food’ during August 2019. This followed a successful collaboration with the Gascoyne Food Council which began in 2018 and was the catalyst for Sue’s first solo exhibition ‘From The Source: A Landscape of Food’ at the Carnarvon Regional Gallery.

“When I relocated to the Gascoyne over a decade ago, the vast semi-arid landscape heightened my senses and inspired me to explore a fresh approach to my work.  An urge to interpret my new surroundings with unbridled freedom reignited my love of colour and paint.  I am intrigued by the many layers and textures of the Gascoyne landscape and am inspired to capture its beauty”. – Sue Helmot

Sue Helmot holds a Bachelor of Arts, graduating from Victoria College in Melbourne.  Sue’s work is in private collections throughout Western Australia and Melbourne.